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Woodforest National Bank, USA

General Information of Woodforest National Bank
The Bank was established on 09-05-1980 is one of the reputed banks in United States Of America with total of 752 branches, And has an asset of $44,43,455 as declared on 2015 december.

Woodforest National Bank is a privately owned bank that has over 700 branches across 17 states in the United States. A large number of its branches are located within Walmart outlets.woodforest-logo

Woodforest National Bank was founded in the year 1980 with its headquarters located in The Woodlands, Texas.

The bank is known for offering ‘second chance’ checking accounts to customers who don’t have a very good standing with ChexSystems.

Along with regular accounts, the Woodforest National bank offers credit/debit cards, investments, and various loan schemes.

Woodforest National bank offers a convenient way for its customers to manage their money by offering the Woodforest Debit card.

Some of the exclusive benefits that you can reap from this card are:

  • Absolute fraud protection; the customer is entitled to zero liability
  • Pay all your bills directly through your debit card
  • Get instant alerts if your debit card is being used fraudulently
  • Wide range of offers for people who are traveling
  • Anytime cash with 24/7 ATM access, several ATM outlet locations available
  • Notifications through email every morning for personal wealth management
  • Approved globally by merchants

All purchases are directly debited from your Woodforest checking account, a detailed monthly statement is provided every month to the customer.

Bank is registered with FDIC Number 23220 under FDIC: NATIONAL MEMBER BANKS, Dallas. Headquaters of the bank is located in WOODFOREST FINANCIAL GROUP EMPLOYEE STOCK OWNERSHIP PLAN (WITH 401(K) PROVISIONS) (AMENDED AND, The Woodlands, TX, Woodforest National Bank follows Structure Information Management System (SIMS) for centralized management of the infromation / data and is managed by Office of controller of currency (OCC): Southwest District.
Customer Support Contact Number: 1-877-968-7962 – toll-free

How to download Woodforest mobile banking app: login and registration usage guide
Woodforest National Bank is one of the modern banks and supports online banking facilities. If you need help to login to the bank's Personal / Corporate Banking read the Login Guide below.

" You can also use the online application for a complete guide. How to use the apps read our bank online app guide section. If you are looking for credit card / debit card related details and login or payment options read our Card Section. "

If you are not registered for Online Banking of Woodforest National Bank follow the Registration Guide.

Step by Step guide for Login to Personal Banking of Woodforest National Bank

The Woodforest online banking experience is extremely convenient for all users, once setup it lets you utilize payment reminders on all your bills, automate payments to all your payees, email notification for all transactional activities, security alerts, categories for each type of bill payment, and much more.

1. The bank has a secured website, visit

2. Click on the above link you will be directed to the banks website, There you will find a Login Form, Top Right in the webpage.

3. Enter Your UserName and Password . If you don't have an exisiting account read our registration guidelines below.
If you have forgotten your password, you may click the ‘Forgot Password’ option found below the login fields. You will be taken to a new page to verify your personal information, which is part of the password recovery process.

4. Once you have entered the Woodforest bank login details you are ready to login to your bank dashboard. Press the button in the form.

5. If you have opted-in for two step authentication you might also be asked for a verification code.

6. You will receive your High Security verification code on your registered Mobile Number or Email Id.

7. Enter the code in the Text Box and volla you are now logged in to your personal banking account.

8. You can now do all kind of transactions and view records depending upon your access level.

Woodforest national bank online application usage guide [Android / iOS]

1. If you have an Android phone download Woodforest bank app Android from Play Store.
If you have and iPhone or iOS device download it from iTunes Store.

2. After completing Woodforest bank app download, install and open it.

3. Enter the Woodforest online banking login details Username & Mpin, you will be asked for One Time Password (OTP).

4. Enter the OTP you recieved in your registered Mobile number / Email Id.

5. If you don't have the mobile number registered with the bank you can contact customer care number.

7. You might need to wait for activation of your device in the bank system.

6. After you have registered your device successfully with the help of Woodforest bank online application, you will be able to do all kind of transactions.

Online Banking Registration Guide

Open a new browser and visit the home page of Woodforest National Bank. You should see an ‘Enroll’ link to the top left portion of the site, click to proceed. In the new page, you are greeted with the ‘Detailed Enrollment Guide’ and the ‘Click Here to Sign up’ button, choose the latter link.

We now come to a drop list that requires you to select your identification type, the choices are Social Security Number, State Identification Number, Driver’s License, Matricula Card, Military Identification, and Passport. Choose the one you wish to enter and click ‘Next’.

The next field requires you to fill in personal information such as debit card/account number of your savings account tied to the bank, your mother’s maiden name, and your date of birth. You can choose to select a ‘Welcome’ token here, and enter it.

Click accept and you will be taken to the final round of enrolling. Select if you would like eStatement services, you can choose to edit your profile and setup your security question and answer here.

And finally, you can login to your account by following the instructions below.

1. The registration of Woodforest national bank login online banking is a manual process. If you haven't opted online banking during the account opening you need to visit and fillup the request form available in the bank.
2. After you are registered for online banking you will get an Post Mail containing your Username and Temporary Passowrd **our suggestion is to change the passowrd immediately after you recieve the mail.

3. Once you have recieved the Mail from the bank use our login guide to successfully login to your bank account.

Cards Login Woodforest National Bank

1. If you have an existing bank account and online banking you can link your credit card to the same account. Follow steps 2-4 or if you don't have an exisiting online banking and you want to login through your credit card read 5-7.

2. Login to the bank account on Left Nav bar click Add a card.
3. Just details of your visa or master card and it will be linked to your account.
4. After successfully completing 2-3 steps You can now make payments or view bills of your CC.

5. If you don't have an account with Woodforest National Bank then you can make payments through other bank accounts by linking the card.
6. Or visit, then from the main menu select cards.
7. You can make the payment from your other net banking account or checkout other valid payment options like Cheque drops, DD drop etc.

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