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General Information of Trustco Bank
The Bank was established in Schenectady, New York in 1902, is one of the reputed banks in United States Of America with total of 145 branches, And has an asset of $47,41,949 as declared on 2015 Š’ecember. Trustco Bank is an Equal Housing Lender and an Insured member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. The company operates under the slogan, "Your Home Town Bank."
Bank is registered with FDIC Number 31945 under FDIC: SAVINGS BANKS AND SAVINGS AND LOANS, New York. Headquaters of the bank is located in , Glenville, NY, Trustco Bank follows Structure Information Management System (SIMS) for centralized management of the infromation / data and is managed by Office of controller of currency (OCC): Northeast District.

Phone Numbers

Support Phone: 800-670-4110
Contact Phone: 518-377-3311
Lost/Stolen ATM or Debit Card: 800-528-2273
Lost/Stolen Credit Card: 800-763-8243


HQ Address: 1048 State St Schenectady, NY 12307

Services: Checking & Savings, Auto Loan, Loan (Other), Credit Card, Mortgage, Home Equity Loan

Industry Group: Banking & Credit Cards

Service Areas: New Jersey, Florida, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont

Trustco Bank Login, Registration and App Usage Guide
Trustco Bank is one of the modern banks and supports online banking facilities. If you need help to login to the bank's Personal / Corporate Banking read the Login Guide below.

" You can also use the online application for a complete guide. How to use the apps read our bank online app guide section. If you are looking for credit card / debit card related details and login or payment options read our Card Section. "

If you are not registered for Online Banking of Trustco Bank follow the Registration Guide.

Step by Step guide for Login to Personal Banking of Trustco Bank

1.The bank has a secured website, visit

2. Click on the above link you will be directed to the banks website, There you will find a Login Form, Top Right in the webpage.

3. Enter Your UserName and Password . If you don't have an exisiting account read our registration guidelines below.

4. Once you have entered the login details you are ready to login to your bank dashboard. Press the button in the form.

5. If you have opted-in for two step authentication you might also be asked for a verification code.

6. You will receive your High Security verification code on your registered Mobile Number or Email Id.

7. Enter the code in the Text Box and volla you are now logged in to your personal banking account.

8. You can now do all kind of transactions and view records depending upon your access level.

" Please be aware that Trustco Bank will never send you an email with a link to our logon page or ask you for any personal information using email. Should this occur please disregard the email and contact us to look into the matter. "

App Usage Guide for Trustco Bank, [Android / iOS]

1. If you have an Android phone download the app from Play Store.
If you have and iPhone or iOS device download it from iTunes Store.

2. After completing Woodforest bank app download, install and open it.

3. Enter the login details Username & Mpin, you will be asked for One Time Password (OTP).

4. Enter the OTP you recieved in your registered Mobile number / Email Id.

5. If you don't have the mobile number registered with the bank you can contact customer care number.

7. You might need to wait for activation of your device in the bank system.

6. After you have registered your device successfully with the help of Woodforest banking online app, you will be able to do all kind of transactions.

Online Banking Registration Guide

1. The registration of online banking is a manual process. If you haven't opted online banking during the account opening you need to visit and fillup the request form available in the bank.
2. After you are registered for online banking you will get an Post Mail containing your Username and Temporary Passowrd **our suggestion is to change the passowrd immediately after you recieve the mail.

3. Once you have recieved the Mail from the bank use our login guide to successfully login to your bank account.

Cards Login Trustco Bank

1. If you have an existing bank account and online banking you can link your credit card to the same account. Follow steps 2-4 or if you don't have an exisiting online banking and you want to login through your credit card read 5-7.

2. Login to the bank account on Left Nav bar click Add a card.
3. Just details of your visa or master card and it will be linked to your account.
4. After successfully completing 2-3 steps You can now make payments or view bills of your CC.

5. If you don't have an account with Trustco Bank then you can make payments through other bank accounts by linking the card.
6. Or visit, then from the main menu select cards.
7. You can make the payment from your other net banking account or checkout other valid payment options like Cheque drops, DD drop etc.